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Irrigation System

The irrigation systems used in the greenhouse are diverse, and depending on the variety and growing conditions of the greenhouse crops, the appropriate irrigation system should be selected. Each irrigation system has its own advantages and disadvantages and performance characteristics. Choosing the right irrigation system is critical to greenhouse management.
Here are a few common greenhouse irrigation systems:
1.Pipeline irrigation system
The working principle is to install valves and irrigation hoses on the water supply pipe, and manually open these control valves and use the water hose for irrigation. This irrigation system is more common in current greenhouses. Plastic hoses such as PE and PVC hoses are usually used as the irrigation hose. It needs to be easy to install, easy to use, easy to manage, low in cost, and difficult to block. The shortage of pipeline irrigation system is that the labor force is large, the irrigation efficiency is not high, and it is difficult to control the water volume and fertilization and dosing. Therefore, this irrigation system needs to be combined with other irrigation systems such as drip irrigation.
2.the greenhouse drip irrigation system
Drip irrigation systems are widely used for irrigation of agricultural and forestry crops in various environments, and are more water-saving irrigation methods. Drip irrigation emitters have dripper, drip irrigation, drip irrigation belt, drop arrows and so on. In the greenhouse, the drip irrigation system is placed on the greenhouse surface or the drip irrigation pipe is buried 30 cm underground. In greenhouse irrigation, drip irrigation is one of the more advanced irrigation methods. It mainly has the functions of water saving, labor saving, pest control, increasing production and efficiency, and easy water and fertilizer management. Drip irrigation has higher requirements for water quality. The drip irrigation system can be used in combination with micro-sprinkling or pipe irrigation depending on the greenhouse production and climatic conditions. The high-temperature drying chamber should be combined with micro-sprinkler irrigation or pipe irrigation to condition the greenhouse climate, and the low-temperature season is irrigated with a drip irrigation system.
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