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Glass Greenhouse

The glass greenhouse is a high-grade greenhouse. With the upgrading of the agricultural industry structure, the application of glass greenhouses is becoming more and more extensive. This kind of greenhouse can be added to the logistics network element, so that the greenhouse can be automatically adjusted to achieve an environment more conducive to crop growth: temperature, humidity, sunlight, moisture, fertilizer and so on.
Glass greenhouses can be used as greenhouses, aquaculture greenhouses, exhibition greenhouses, experimental greenhouses, catering greenhouses, and entertainment greenhouses. The design of the greenhouse system includes temperature increasing system, heat preservation system, cooling system, ventilation system, control system, irrigation system, etc.; glass greenhouses mainly include greenhouse soil foundation parts, main hot-dip galvanized steel skeleton, outer sunshade hot-dip galvanized steel skeleton, Covering materials, external shading systems, internal thermal insulation systems, wet curtain-fan cooling systems, top and surrounding roll window systems, sprinkler systems, power distribution systems, drainage systems and other intelligent systems.
1) stable performance and high light transmittance for crop production;
2) Large space suitable for large-scale mechanical operation;
3) high strength and long service life;
4) Beautiful atmosphere, suitable for high-end agriculture.
In the production of Glass Greenhouse, we are professional manufacturers and suppliers in China.You can see the Glass Greenhouse on our website. If you want to know more about it, you can come to our factory and we are always looking forward to your visit .

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