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Plastic Film Greenhouse

Plastic Film Greenhouse, commonly known as cold sheds, are simple and practical cultivation facilities. Because of their easy construction, convenient use and low investment, they are widely used in countries around the world due to the development of the plastics industry. The use of bamboo, steel and other materials, and covering plastic film, arched shed, for cultivation of vegetables, can be early or delayed supply, increase production per unit area, is conducive to the prevention of natural disasters. The plastic film has thermal insulation properties. After covering the film, the turbidity in the greenhouse will increase as the outside temperature rises, and will decrease as the outside temperature drops. There are obvious seasonal changes and large temperature differences between day and night. The temperature difference is higher during the low temperature period.
Generally, in the cold season, the daily temperature increase can reach 3-6 °C, and the cloudy or night temperature increase capacity is only 1-2 °C. When the spring is warm, the temperature difference between the shed and the open field is gradually increased, and the temperature can reach 6-15 °C. When the outside temperature rises, the temperature increase in the shed is relatively increased, up to 20 °C, so there is a high temperature and freezing hazard in the greenhouse, which needs manual adjustment. In the high temperature season, a high temperature of 50 ° C or higher can be generated in the shed.
Ventilation in the whole shed, covered with straw curtains or porch outside the shed, can be 1-2 °C lower than the temperature in the open field. In the winter sunny days, the minimum temperature at night can be 1-3 °C higher than the open field, and several days on the cloudy day are the same as the open field. Therefore, the main production season in greenhouses is spring, summer and autumn. The temperature of the shed can be maintained at a suitable temperature of 15-30 °C by heat preservation and ventilation.
In the production of Plastic Film Greenhouse, we are professional manufacturers and suppliers in China.You can see the Plastic Film Greenhouse on our website. If you want to know more about it, you can come to our factory and we are always looking forward to your visit.
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